Planning to visit Gander to experience the heartwarming production of “Come from Away”?

Enhance your trip and immerse yourself in the inspiring real-life events that shaped the story by including these essential stops in your itinerary.

Each location promises to deepen your connection to Gander’s remarkable 9/11 story:

1. Gander Aviation Museum

Step into history at the Gander Aviation Museum and explore the Safe Haven exhibit. Here, you’ll find poignant artifacts like Beverly Bass’ uniform, ATC audio recordings from 9/11, and a piece of the Twin Towers. These exhibits offer a profound glimpse into the town’s pivotal role in the aftermath of the tragic events.

2. Gander International Airport

Marvel at the architectural gem that is Gander International Airport, described by The New York Times as “perfectly preserved, a time capsule from the heady days when travel was exotic, and airports were beacons of the future.” The International Lounge, inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1959, is celebrated by architects as Canada’s most significant room. Showcasing renowned modernist art, furniture, and architecture, along with a theatre and artisanal cocktails, it stands as a testament to Gander’s storied past and bright future.

This remarkable airport is also the reason why so many planes were able to land in Gander during the 9/11 attacks, highlighting its critical role in global aviation. The airport’s exhibits reveal captivating stories of transatlantic triumphs and celebrity encounters, offering an intriguing glimpse into the town’s rich history.

3. World Trade Centre Steel at Town Hall

Visit the Compassion Monument outside Town Hall, where you can see a piece of the Twin Towers gifted to Gander on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. It’s a poignant reminder of the town’s enduring bond with those affected by the tragic events.

4. Derm Flynn Riverfront Peace Park

Find tranquillity amidst the natural beauty of Appleton at the Derm Flynn Riverfront Peace Park. Located 15 minutes from Gander. As you stroll along the banks of the Gander River, take a moment to reflect on the themes of unity, healing, and hope portrayed in “Come From Away.” A 4m piece of Twin Tower steel is also displayed here which was donated as a sign of respect for the efforts of this community during 9/11.

5. Screech In at Legends Lounge and Grill

No visit to Gander is complete for a “Come From Away” without experiencing the tradition of getting “Screeched In.” Participate in this quintessential Newfoundland ceremony at Legends Lounge and Grill, where you’ll Kiss the Fish to become an honorary Newfoundlander. Celebrate the unique culture and spirit of the island in this lively and unforgettable event.

6. Try “Fish & Cheese” at Alcock and Brown Family Restaurant

Savor a Newfoundland staple and a favorite of “Come From Aways” at the Alcock and Brown Family Restaurant in the Quality Hotel & Suites. Their Cod au Gratin is cooked to golden perfection with melted cheese, parmesan, crumbs, and savory. Served with garlic bread, the vegetable of the day, and your choice of potato, it’s a meal you won’t want to miss.

7. Dover Fault

Explore the geological marvel that is the Dover Fault, a significant natural feature showcasing the dramatic forces that shaped Newfoundland’s landscape. Located 55 minutes from Gander. The fault is a testament to the island’s dynamic geological history, offering visitors a chance to see ancient rock formations and understand the natural processes that have sculpted this beautiful region.

This site also holds special significance as a key point in the love story of Nick and Diane from “Come From Away,” adding an extra layer of romance and history to your visit.

As you plan your visit to Gander to see “Come From Away,” be sure to include these essential stops on your itinerary. Each one offers a unique perspective on the town and region that inspired the musical and will enhance your overall experience. Welcome to Gander—where the spirit of kindness, resilience, and community shines bright!

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Essential Stops for Your “Come From Away” Adventure in Gander


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