How long have you been at The Glynmill Inn?

I’ve been with the company for 42+ years.

Wow, tell us your story!

I first started my profession in housekeeping during my school years, working on weekends and summer break. After I graduated, I continued my post-secondary education and during that time I was asked if I would be interested in becoming a front desk agent. I found my passion and I was good at it! Working on the front line I realized my potential to succeed in the hospitality industry. One would say I worked my way up the company ladder from my initial start in housekeeping to a front desk agent, banquet and conference coordinator, Assistant Manager to General Manager.

Working at the Glynmill has been a real family affair for you. Can you tell us about your family’s connection to the Inn?

My mother (Loretta) worked at the hotel as the Housekeeping Supervisor and one by one as her children became old enough to work, the General Manager would ask mom if any of her children were ready to work!

My mother, myself and 8 of my siblings all worked at the hotel at one time or another.

Yes, I guess you can say, it was a family affair! Ourselves and others often joked about calling the hotel “Rose’s Inn”, LOL!

What do you enjoy most about working in the hospitality industry?

Definitely, the people you meet, everyone has a story. It’s an interesting industry where no 2 days are the same! You do your best each and every day to ensure your guests have a memorable positive experience whether they are staying overnight or dining in one of our restaurants or

enjoying a refreshing beverage in the lounge.  

You have spent your entire career working in Corner Brook. What is it about the west coast that made you want to stay?

Mainly family, it’s also a great place to live to enjoy the 4 seasons. Western Newfoundland is picturesque with beautiful landscapes. It’s a safe city with lots to do and see within a short distance.

My children are living out west and we visit when we can.

The west coast is known for its alpine skiing with Marble Mountain. What winter activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy snowmobiling most of all, there’s always an abundance of snow on the West Coast. I did downhill skiing regularly at Marble Mountain in my earlier years and cross-country skied at Blomidon on occasion. One of my more memorable winter activities was when I snow-shoed the Corner Brook Stream trails to the caves to see the ice stalactites and stalagmites that form on the cave’s roof, that was a spectacular sight. 

Tell us something that’s on your bucket list

To build a retirement home on the land where we have our trailer. It’s such a beautiful tranquil setting looking at the lake. It relaxes me. That’s definitely my dream!

What are your favourite memories of work at the Glynmill Inn?

When Royalty visited; Prince Edward 1988 and Princess Anne 1991. It was stressful making sure everything was in place, but it was an honor for the hotel to be chosen to host the Royalties. All of our front-line staff were outfitted in Newfoundland tartan, whether it was a skirt, tie or scarf.

Another highlight for me was having a photo taken with Bobby Orr at our hotel. It’s because he’s my brother’s favorite hockey player and he was astounded when I gave him the photo, he couldn’t believe Bobby Orr stayed at the Glynmill Inn.

In January 2018 we had the pleasure of accommodating Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry, Ron MacLean, and one of our own, Bob Cole, the legendary broadcaster.

I’ll say it again, “it’s an exciting industry”.

Picture of Connie the General Manager of The Glymill Inn behind her desk in her office.

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Connie (General Manager- Glynmill Inn)


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