Receive a point for every dollar you spend on a room prior to taxes, points are redeemable for a variety of rewards, like complimentary rooms, suites, upgrades and much more.

Steele Hotels offers the FTC Program to qualifying guests.

Once enrolled, you will receive one point for every dollar spent on the room (before taxes). These points may be redeemed for a variety of rewards. These include complimentary rooms, complimentary suites, suite upgrades, Steele Hotel Gift Certificates, Aeroplan Points and various retail, grocery and gas gift cards.

Enrolling is easy. Just fill out an application at any of our guest service desks. The guest service representative will issue you a card.

When you enrol you will receive an email with a temporary password and the website, where you may check on your FTC account.

To collect points, just present the card upon check out. As a member, you are the only person who may earn points for your account.

To redeem your points, present your card to the guest service representative. Most rewards can be given on the spot.

To check your point balance please visit FTC PROGRAM