Adventures Await


Legend’s (Irving West Hotel), 1 Caldwell St, Gander NL, Tel: (709) 256-2406

Alcock & Brown’s Eatery (Hotel Gander), 100 Trans Canada Highway, Gander NL, Tel: (709) 256-3931 & 1-800-563-2988

Mystic (Fine Dining, Sinbad’s Hotel and Suite’s), 133 Bennett Dr, Gander NL, Tel: (709) 651-2678

Albatross Dining Room (The Albatross Hotel), 114 Trans-Canada Hwy, Gander, NL, Tel: (709) 256-3956



Find just what you’re looking for at one of these locations near The Albatross

Gander Mall, 132 Bennett Dr, Gander, NL. Tel: (709) 651-3465

Fraser Mall, 98 Elizabeth Dr. Gander, NL

Wal-Mart, 55 Roe Ave. Gander, NL. Tel: (709) 256-7581

Kent, 5 Roe Ave. Gander, NL. Tel (709) 651 5800

Canadian Tire, 132 Bennett Dr. Gander, NL. Tel: (709) 256-4813



The Gander region boasts many wonderful places to visit. Cultural centres, parks and museums are just beyond the doorstep of The Albatross waiting for you.